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The King County Medical Society (KCMS), founded in 1888, is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to representing Seattle and King County physicians and their patients by promoting best practices in medicine and raising public awareness of issues critical to quality patient care and public health.



Overcoming the difficult conversation about obesity

Nearly half of those with obesity aren’t aware they have it because health professionals are uncomfortable talking about it, the AMA reports. One doctor, who helps individuals lose weight, offered some approaches to make conversations easier for physicians and their obese patients.

The growing power of the placebo effect

“The placebo response is growing bigger over time,” but only in the United States, according to Jeffrey Mogil, a McGill University pain researcher. Studying the placebo effect is adding new insights into why alternative treatments, such as acupuncture and reiki, help some people, Vox reports.

High-intensity workouts may also benefit older adults

A new study of old mice running on treadmills suggests that brief, high-intensity workouts may help people of all ages, The New York Times reports. The elderly mice were not only able to tolerate the intense workouts, but also quickly gained fitness and strength.

Drinking coffee aids longevity and health

Two large-scale studies make all those trips to Starbucks seem like a good idea. The observational studies found that coffee drinkers not only lived longer, but had less risk of various diseases, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

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