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The King County Medical Society (KCMS), founded in 1888, is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to representing Seattle and King County physicians and their patients by promoting best practices in medicine and raising public awareness of issues critical to quality patient care and public health.



Swedish CEO resigns

CEO Tony Armada’s resignation comes less than two weeks after The Seattle Times published its exposé of the turmoil and troubles in Swedish’s neurosurgery institute. Armada told the Swedish board that stepping down was in the best interest of the organization, The Seattle Times reports.

Washington’s deadly flu season may have peaked

The toll of flu-related deaths this season has topped 200, making it the worst flu season this decade, The Seattle Times reports. Last year’s total was 157 statewide deaths. The great majority of this season’s flu victims were seniors with underlying conditions such as heart disease, respiratory disease and diabetes.

Northwest doctors tweak aid-in-dying drugs

Physicians in the Northwest are reexamining aid-in-dying medications because they’re taking too long to work, Kaiser Health News reports. The original choice was Seconal , but its price shot up to more than $3,000 a dose. The first alternative was found to take too long. The latest protocol involves a mixture of four drugs: diazepam, digoxin, morphine and propranolol.

Bad hospital design is harming us

Even though hospitals are among the most expensive facilities to build, evidence suggests there are many deficiencies, ones that go beyond aesthetics and inconveniences. “All those design flaws may be killing us,” a physician writes in The New York Times.

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