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The King County Medical Society (KCMS), founded in 1888, is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to representing Seattle and King County physicians and their patients by promoting best practices in medicine and raising public awareness of issues critical to quality patient care and public health.



Cuts to teen-pregnancy prevention effort in King Co. trigger lawsuits

In King County, there’s been a 63 percent drop in the number of young girls getting pregnant, thanks to the national Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. Yet the federal Department of Health & Human Services is canceling the program two years early, cutting $2.2 million from King County, The Seattle Times reports. The county and local Planned Parenthood affiliates are filing lawsuits.

FDA approves blood test to detect concussions

The long-awaited test, called the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator, can detect concussions and more quickly identify those with possible brain injuries, The New York Times reports. The FDA predicts that if the blood test is adopted widely, it could cut the need for CT scans in at least a third of those with suspected brain injuries.

Rare fungal ‘superbug’ appears to be spreading

The number of U.S. patients infected with Candida auris reached 200 in 2017, compared to just seven cases the year before. The fungus can cause serious medical complications when it enters the bloodstream, usually through wounds, ventilators or catheters, Kaiser Health News reports.

Study links miscarriages to cellphone radiation

study published in the journal Scientific Reports found a strong link between higher levels of exposure to magnetic field non-ionizing radiation and higher risk of miscarriage in a group of nearly 1,000 women in California, Vox reports. Researchers found the miscarriage risk rose between 10 percent and 24 percent, The early research suggested a possible link, but did not show that the radiation caused miscarriages.

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