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Investigators find problems at Swedish Cherry Hill site

Hospital regulators have found an array of recent problems at Swedish Health’s Cherry Hill site, including failures of oversight and issues related to patient safety, The Seattle Times reports. The facility will be terminated from the Medicare program in 90 days, federal officials said, unless Swedish can come into compliance on some key issues.

Deaths from drug use hit a record in King County

University of Washington researchers say that 332 people died of overdoses last year in King County, with two-thirds of those opioid-related, The Seattle Times reports. Heroin overdoses dropped slightly, but fentanyl-related deaths increased.

Hutch launches initiative on cancers caused by microbes

The new Pathogen-Associated Malignancies Integrated Research Center will seek ways to prevent and cure cancers caused by viruses and bacteria, The Seattle Times reports. Microbial infections trigger about 20 percent of cancers, including including cervical, liver and stomach cancers.

Obesity and depression linked, but reasons are unknown

People who are obese are 55 percent more likely to be depressed, and those with depression are 58 percent more likely to develop obesity, Kaiser Health News reports. Both are chronic diseases that are difficult to treat, requiring long-term physical and mental-health interventions. And the two are among the largest drivers of cost increases in health care.

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