My name is Dr. Teresa Girolami, a specialist in internal medicine, the founder of BelRed Internal Medicine in Redmond, and the president of the Board of Trustees for your King County Medical Society.

The trustees, delegates and staff have worked tirelessly this year to reinvigorate the Society. We have created new committees to promote greater public health, expand our education and social offerings, and create scholarships for deserving young students to pursue a medical education and ultimately practice medicine in our community.

We are excited about the progress we are making at the Society, but can’t do it without your support and participation. We physicians need a strong voice and a place at the table as our profession faces significant challenges from numerous fronts. That’s why the King County Medical Society is so important. And the more our fellow practitioners join us, the more powerful our voice and influence can become in shaping health policy and preserving our critical profession.

I am thrilled to be joining dozens of our fellow members as a delegate to the WSMA Annual Meeting next month to advocate for a number of resolutions our physician members painstakingly crafted and presented to the WSMA (all of which will be shared broadly in the next week ahead of the convention).

CEO Nancy Belcher and her staff have overhauled the Medical Society brand and launched a new website, blog and podcast. New Marketing and Communications director Josh Kerns is hosting the podcast, which is a great opportunity for you to discuss issues of importance to our members and a much broader audience.

I was honored to participate in the premier episode.  Josh and I talked about a wide range of issues – from pre-authorization and the other challenges facing our profession to the pros and cons of private practice. I hope you’ll listen and take advantage of the opportunity to participate as well.  Josh makes it really easy and fun.

I am also extremely excited about the variety of new benefits we are unveiling that are exclusive to our members. They range from discounted loans at KeyBank and other financial services such as significantly reduced liability insurance with no tail, to college advising for those families with high school students, discounts on travel, entertainment and even lawn care. These benefits alone are worth far more than the minimal annual dues. And there are a number of other exciting benefits and opportunities that will be unveiled in the coming months to further increase the value of your membership.

My goal in the coming year is to see increased participation and growth of our Society. To paraphrase the famous quote, “together we can do what we can’t do alone.” I highly encourage you to invite your colleagues to check out the new and improved King County Medical Society and join us in amplifying our voices, promoting public health, and enjoying the benefits afforded us as members of this prestigious and time-honored profession.

Dr. Teresa Girolami
President/KCMS Board of Trustees