King County Medical Society (KCMS) and WSMA lead a resounding healthcare endorsement of E-Cigarette legislation!

The WA State Medical Association House of Delegates has voted overwhelmingly to adopt KCMS’s resolution to permanently ban flavored e-cigarettes in WA State. In September Governor Jay Inslee issued an executive order asking for an emergency ban on flavored vaping products. The Board of Health approved the executive order, but only until February 7, 2020 (120 days). The King County Medical Society’s resolution calls for a permanent ban of all flavored E-cigarette products.

WSMA Trustees, KCMS President and author of the resolution, Teresa Girolami MD, stated, “I am proud of the work we are doing, and that the resolution for a permanent ban was passed unanimously and adopted by the WSMA. We look forward to the Washington State American Medical Association (AMA) representatives presenting the resolution to the entire national AMA delegation very soon. KCMS is proud to have authored this timely and important resolution that will protect our youth”.