King County Medical Society Committees

The King County Medical Society strives to provide its members with the best possible opportunities to influence their community and make meaningful contributions towards realizing the goals and objectives of the Society. Being a member of a Society committee is one of the best ways for doctors to work together, form connections, and effect change.

The King County Medical Society has six standing committees: Events and Continuing Education Committee, the Medical Student Committee, the Community Relations Committee, the Public and Mental Health Committee, the Professional Clinic Leadership Committee, and the Historical Committee.

If you are interested in joining a committee and would like more info on how to join, please contact Sarah Rice at rices@kcmsociety.org.

The Events and CME Committee coordinates the planning, organization, and location for meetings for Society member groups, and between the various levels of government, the private sector, academic communities. Other relevant stakeholders involved in providing medical services or promoting legislation impacting the practice of medicine are always welcome allies.

The committee plans, develops, and provides oversight for the Continuing Medical Education Events offered by the Society. The CME offerings strive to provide training for physicians that is unique and inclusive to all physicians regardless of their specialties.

Co-Chairs: Anh Truong & Kevin Johnson
Members: Teresa Girolami, Nancy Belcher, Nancy Linscott, Amish Dave, Kevin Auld

The Medical Student Committee is responsible for developing, promoting, and funding student activities, as well as improving medical student quality of life, and fostering greater interactions with other medical students attending school in Washington State.

This is a brand-new committee! This is a forum for medical students from the 4 various medical school branches in the state to discuss issues pertaining to their education, future training, the complexities of medicine today and ways to positively impact community. Representatives of the Medical Student Committee are intimately involved in the delegation and events process at the King County Medical Society.

Chair: Hank Thayer, UW School of Medicine ‘21
Members: TBD
If you are interested in joining the Medical Student Committee, please contact Sarah Rice at: rices@kcmsociety.org for more information.

The Community Relations Committee is responsible for developing strategies to help the King County Medical Society Community Foundation develop a scholarship program for medical students.

The Committee also works to positively impact its community by supporting programs and initiatives that advance the interests of both the Society’s members and the community through mentoring and community improvement projects. As an institution, the Society is deeply committed to enriching the health care community in King County. The Community Relations Committee will be continually producing events and activities. Stay tuned for updates!

Co-Chairs: Daniel Low & Rajneet Lamba
Members: Don Ross, Ellen Thomason Derrick, Kevin Auld, Daniel Wuthrich, Mark Levy, Teresa Girolami, Nancy Belcher

At the core of King County Medical Society is the ability to act as a champion for King County residents. The Public and Mental Health Committee reviews public health-related projects and programs and determines how the Society can participate and get involved. In addition, the committee examines existing public health programs and develops new plans and programs with community groups to address special issues of concern. The latest committee activities have included policy direction and recommendations on legislative matters including: homelessness, access to appropriate medical services, child wellness, and gun legislation.

Co-Chairs: Amish Dave & Don Ross
Members: Daniel Low, Carl Wigren, Teresa Girolami, Nancy Belcher, Ellen Thomason Derrick, Jeff Duchin, Rajneet Lamba

To create more effective, efficient, and inviting medical practice methods, the King County Medical Society has requested Clinic Manager’s voices to be heard and imbedded in decisions made by the Society. We recognize their value and expertise and wish to provide a venue for them to express their thoughts. This committee will work collaboratively with the other Society committees to promote the highest ideals and standards of medical practice.
This is a new committee for the society, one that we are very excited to get started!

Chair: TBD
Members: TBD
If you are interested in joining the Clinic Manager Committee, please contact Sarah Rice at: rices@kcmsociety.org for more information.

This assembled group of currently practicing and retired physicians is self-organized and meets monthly to participate in a rich and diverse program of presentations offered at the King County Medical Society building at 200 Broadway.

The Historical Committee offers luncheon interest group meetings, and ample time for conversation among members with shared interests. The Committee prides itself in fostering a congenial environment for the presentation of scholarly work and for discussion and debate. The Committee recognizes and encourages historical, current and future medical research and interpretation of the highest quality medical practice.

Speakers from various fields present at the Committee’s monthly luncheon meetings to talk about various topics in healthcare and research from the past, present, and near future. Lunch included! Past topics have included: “Surgery in Wartime Iraq”, “Forged by the Knife: The Experience of Surgical Residency from the Perspective of a Woman of Color”, and “Genome Therapy”. These talks and luncheons are not exclusive to the members of the committee; any members of King County Medical Society may attend!

Chair: Everardo Espinoza
Members: Any members of the Society can come to the talks!

Questions? Contact Sarah Rice at rices@kcmsociety.org

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