KCMS & the KCMS Community Foundation Committees

The King County Medical Society strives to provide its members with opportunities to influence their community and make meaningful contributions toward realizing the goals and objectives of the Society. Being a member of a Society committee is one of the best ways for doctors to work together, form connections, and effect change.

KCMS & its Community Foundation have four standing committees:

  1. Public Health,
  2. Membership,
  3. Legislative

If you are interested in joining a committee and would like more info on how to join, please contact us at info@kcmsociety.org.

At the core of KCMS is the ability to act as a champion for King County residents. The Public Health Committee reviews public health-related projects and programs and determines how the Society can participate and get involved. The committee examines existing public health programs and develops plans with community groups to address particular issues of concern.

The latest Public Health Committee activities have included policy direction and recommendations on legislative matters, including homelessness, access to appropriate medical services, child wellness, and gun legislation. See some of the Resolutions that resulted from this work HERE.

Co-Chairs:  Nancy Connolly, MD | Reshma Patel, MD

Members: Amish Dave, MD, MPH | Rajneet Lamba, MD | Robert Wood, MD | Nancy Fisher, MD | Teresa Girolami, MD | Ellen Thomason Derrick, MD | John Wynn, MD |Erin Bauer, MD | John Lynch, MD | Jeff Duchin, MD | King Holmes, MD | John Halsell, MD | Ed Leonard, MD | James Harnish, MD | Ellen Passloff, MD | Nancy Belcher, Ph.D., MPA, CEO KCMS

The KCMS Membership Committee is dedicated to enhancing the membership experience, expanding KCMS’ reach, and broadening the society’s influence. This committee fosters inclusivity, advocates for physicians’ interests, and facilitates professional knowledge exchange. Key initiatives include developing social events and emphasizing membership benefits, such as access to comprehensive Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs. This committee ensures that KCMS is a dynamic community where physicians find valuable connections, continue their education, and flourish together.

Chair: Amish Dave, MD, MPH

Members:  Mona Kathuria, DO |Erin Bauer, MD |Ellen Passloff, MD | Rick Kaner, MD | Mark Levy, MD | Nancy Belcher, Ph.D., MPA CEO KCMS

The KCMS Legislative Committee sets and advocates for legislative priorities that impact healthcare professionals and patients across King County and beyond. This committee analyzes critical healthcare issues and crafts strategic recommendations for the KCMS Board. It maintains a year-round commitment to fostering relationships with policymakers, acting as a vital liaison, and championing policies that significantly improve community health and wellness. The committee also invests in its members, enhancing their skills in communication and legislative navigation to effectively advance the medical community’s interests. Through proactive and flexible strategies, the committee aims to drive meaningful legislative change and uphold the welfare of both the medical and general community in King County.

Chair: Danny Low, MD

Members: Don Ross, MD | Matthew Grierson, MD | Megha Rao, MD | Teresa Girolami, MD | Nancy Belcher, Ph.D., MPA CEO, KCMS