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About the King County Medical Society

The King County Medical Society (KCMS) was established in 1888, formalizing Seattle physicians’ ongoing efforts to establish standards for medical care, foster public health, and credential doctors.

King County Medical Society Headquarters

King County Medical Society headquarters

Over the past 125 years, our members have organized emergency medical hotlines, led medical missions abroad, and advocated for improvements ranging from better nutrition in public schools to universal access to health care.

While the Society’s activities have evolved over time in response to advances and challenges in health care delivery, our core mission has remained the same: to serve as a voice for physicians in Seattle and King County, support and strengthen the physician-patient relationship, and champion the health and welfare of King County residents. We will continue to serve these goals as we help our members navigate health care reform and the shifting dynamics of market consolidation.

Health care reform is just one example of how the King County Medical Society works as a strong, key partner in improving patient care and the health of our community. From enrolling more people in affordable health insurance, to advancing prevention and wellness strategies, to improving care for patients with the most challenging and costly conditions, the King County Medical Society is a vital collaborator and innovator in making the most of this historic opportunity.

Dr. David Fleming
Director and Health Officer
Public Health – Seattle & King County

With more than 3,000 members, the KCMS is one of the largest county medical societies in the United States. The Society represents the voice of member physicians practicing in Washington State’s largest and most urban county through representation at the Washington State Medical Association House of Delegates, local advocacy, and work with community partners such as Public Health – Seattle & King County.

KCMS Mission

Our Society, as the voice of King County physicians, is committed to support its members in delivering the best care, to champion the public welfare, and to promote the highest ideals of medical practice.

Goals and Directives:

  • Unite with county physicians to present a strong voice for the public health in our community;
  • Provide representation through advocacy for physician, patient, and public rights;
  • Nurture a favorable public perception of the profession by helping people understand and appreciate medicine’s contribution to public welfare;
  • Protect the public against exploitation;
  • Help the profession meet its collective responsibilities to the public in resolving health care delivery problems;
  • Monitor methods designed to pay for services;
  • Promote and advance the art, skill, knowledge, and interest in the field of medicine to improve everyone’s standard of living as well as their health.

A Set of Indicators Measuring the Health of King County Residents:

King County Community Health Indicators

From the UW Center for Health Workforce Studies:

Washington State’s Physician Workforce in 2014