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Officers and Trustees

The thirteen member Board of Trustees includes four Officers that serve as the Executive Committee and nine District Trustees elected to represent geographic areas of King County.

I have found my involvement with the King County Medical Society as a Delegate and as a Trustee to be extremely rewarding. It is refreshing to take a little time out of each month or each year to reflect on why we went into Medicine, and what we can do, both collectively and individually to strive for “the Ideal”. We do have more power, and more say as a group than any of us can believe; we just need learn how to harness and use this influence.
– Patrick McClean, MD., Past President

2018 Officers


Teresa M. Girolami, MD

Daniel Wuthrich

Daniel A. Wuthrich, MD
Vice President


Nancy L. Linscott, MD
Past President




Merritt Kevin Auld

Merritt Kevin Auld, MD

Amish Dave

Amish Dave, MD


Carl Wigren, MD



Ellen Thomason Derrick

Ellen Thomasson Derrick, MD


Donald Jay Ross

Donald Ross, MD


Mark R. Levy

Mark Levy, MD


Daniel H. Low

Daniel Low, MD


Anh Q. Truong

Anh Truong, MD


Rajneet S. Lamba

Rajneet Lamba, MD