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The King County Medical Society has three standing committees: the Grievance Committee, the Historical Committee and the Public Health Liaison Committee. Participation on KCMS committees provides the opportunity to network, learn about and address issues of concern to members, and make meaningful contributions toward realizing the Society’s  goals and objectives.

Besides allowing me to draw on the experiences of my peers, the monthly Historical Committee meetings have brought the history of local and national medicine, medical organizations, and practitioners into focus and given me a new prospective on the future of medicine. Fil Buckner, MD, JD

Grievance Committee

With the goals of preserving relationships and avoiding recourse to more adversarial pathways, the Grievance Committee reviews and investigates complaints and sensitive issues between patients and physicians. Complaints are most often in relation to medical services, including the necessity or frequency of services. This Committee also considers  other matters referred by the KCMS Board. Occasionally the committee reviews  complaints between physicians.

Historical Committee

This committee works to preserve the history of medicine as it relates to King County. Outside speakers drawn from various parts of the health care sector appear at the Committee’s monthly luncheon meetings. Often the presentations appear as articles in the KCMS Bulletin.

Public Health Liaison Committee

The core of our mission is to champion the public health. Over the past 160 years, this has been accomplished through hands-on participation and liaison activities with the Seattle-King County Public Health Department. This committee reviews public health-related projects and programs and determines KCMS’ participation and involvement. The committee examines existing public health programs and develops new plans and programs with community groups to address special issues of concern.