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Local magazine names leaders in health care for 2017

Seattle Business magazine named Dr. Peter McGough outstanding medical director for his leadership of UW Neighborhood Clinics, which provide primary and urgent care at 12 locations in the Puget Sound region. See who won in the other categories.

Diet soda linked to stroke and dementia

A study in the journal Stroke found that those who drank diet soda had twice the risk for stroke, The New York Times reports. There were similar, though weaker, associations with dementia. The reasons for the connections are unknown.

Many cancer patients seeking hope fall for hype

Patients and families are bombarded with news that the war against cancer is succeeding. The news media, drug companies and hospitals all appeal to the fears and hope around cancer. “I’m starting to hear more and more that we are better than I think we really are,” Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society, told Kaiser Health News. “We’re starting to believe our own bullshit.”

Addressing loneliness in kids has lifetime benefits

Loneliness can lead to serious health problems because it impairs individuals’ immune response, making them more likely to develop serious medical problems such as heart disease and stroke. Helping those who are lonely early on can help both the individuals and lessen their heavy demands on health care, The Conversation reports.

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