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Trust is first step to getting patients to take medications

Studies have found that most patients take their medicine as prescribed only about half the time, while a quarter of new prescriptions are never filled. When dealing with patients’ medication nonadherence, physicians using a judgment-free approach had better success, AMA Wire reports.

Federal panel recommends new vaccine against hepatitis B

The vaccine, called Heplisav-B, is the first new hepatitis B vaccine in 25 years, The Associated Press reports. Hepatitis B vaccinations are recommended for adults at high risk of infection, including health care workers, those who inject drugs, and jail inmates.

To lose weight, no need to count calories

A study published in JAMA found that people who cut back on added sugar, refined grains and highly processed foods — and ate plenty of vegetables and whole foods — lost a notable amount of weight over a year, The New York Times reports. And the subjects did not limit portions or count calories. The approach worked whether their diets were low in carbohydrates or low in fat.

Exercise may help the memory grow stronger

Exercise may help the brain to build durable memories, even under trying conditions, The New York Times reports. A study involving mice found that regular exercise can counteract the effects of stress and adversity by boosting communication among brain cells.

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