King County Medical Society and Expedia Group

in Partnership with Just Evotec Biologics, Evergreen Pediatrics, and WAPP

Our hospitals and medical professionals are maxing out their capacity responding to the COVID-19 virus.

We all must do our part to power up the region’s response to the growing medical crisis.

One of the largest and growing needs is personal protective equipment, or PPE, and telehealth technology necessary to help our medical professionals stay safe as they work to care for the growing numbers of infected. We have all seen stories from the front lines of this crisis – doctors, nurses, and first responders working without the necessary gear/technology because they just don’t have enough.

We have the opportunity to make a difference today by providing PPE and telemedicine equipment throughout Washington State. (At checkout please indicate which fundraiser you are donating to.)

I. King County Medical Society Community Foundation has created Frontline PPE, a non-profit organization partnering with local garment manufacturers, and professional tailors and sewers, to quickly and effectively produce needed equipment for our frontline health care workers.

KCMS has secured the manufacturing space and machines to create PPE. Now we need to raise enough money for supplies, and to provide some compensation to the volunteer seamstresses and tailors that are newly unemployed from their arts organizations or retailers. We can help hospitals and patients, while also helping workers in our community. (at Checkout type PPE).

II. Donate Telemedicine Equipment or Donate money to purchase the equipment.

You can help by Donating: Webcams, Headsets, Laptops, and iPads.
Or donate money to purchase the equipment (at checkout type Telehealth Equipment)

The GOAL: 2,500 webcams, 2,500 headsets, 1,000 laptops, and 500 iPads.

Easy donation option – buy straight from Amazon! Visit our @amazon wishlist


  • As a result of COVID-19, many local clinics have closed.
  • Non-COVID-19 patients need ongoing care but can have trouble accessing physicians.
  • Area healthcare systems NEED telehealth equipment.
  • One of the biggest GAPS in enabling a broad roll-out of teleconferencing is the low number of webcams, headsets, and laptops.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, any delays in telehealth can/ will cost lives. Let’s prevent delays TODAY!


  • King County Medical Society (KCMS), is a neutral, healthcare nonprofit with a 132-year history of representing area physicians.
  • KCMS has a fundraising program to procure this equipment.
  • Introduce us to suppliers and vendors to procure the equipment.

If you work in technology, and can help provide telehealth equipment, please reach out to to offer equipment or connections!

The supplies for a single PPE kit (mask, gown, and cap) costs $25. If you donate $100 today, we can provide 4 medical professionals with the equipment needed to keep them safe.

  • If 1,000 people donate $100 today, we can provide 4,000 kits.
  • If 1,000 small companies donate $1,000, we’ll have enough for 40,000 kits.
  • If 100 Large companies give $10,000, we’ll have enough for another 40,000 kits.

PLEASE JOIN US to support our frontline healthcare workers and keep them safe.

Thank you for your support!

Matching Gifts, Workplace and Employee Giving

PLEASE CHECK, your employer may match your gift to King County Medical Society’s Community Foundation. Whether you work for a private company or a public organization, your employer may have a matching gift program.  If your workplace does not participate in a campaign that benefits the Society, you can start a new campaign for the Society’s PPE campaign.

Matching Gifts For more information, contact our CEO, Nancy L. Belcher at

Donate in Memory or to Honor
Donate your directed gift in memory or honor of an outstanding employee, a loved one, or a healthcare provider! Is there a special medical professional that your company would like to honor? What a great way to honor them.


The King County Medical Society Community Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization formed in order to:

  • Unify and provide for organizations to improve the health of the people in and around King County,
  • Continue the Society’s enduring commitment to advance the profession of medicine and to preserve the value of the physician-patient relationship,
  • Provide scholarship funds to medical students through its educational and charitable giving,
  • Create a lasting legacy for the King County Medical Society.