King County Medical Society Community Foundation

The KCMS Community Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization formed to

  • Unify the medical profession, and provide ways for healthcare and community organizations to collaborate to improve the health of all.
  • Continue the Society’s enduring commitment to advance the profession of medicine and to preserve the value of the physician-patient relationship.
  • Create a lasting legacy for the King County Medical Society.

Donations made to the KCMS-CF can be directed. Let us know if you have a special designation for your donation.

The Underrepresented in Medicine Scholars Award (URiM):

The KCMS Community Foundation (KCMS- CF) is designing scholarships to support URiM students. The KCMS-CF acknowledges the historical and enduring effects of racism against Black and Indigenous people and other People of Color. 

KCMS-CF acknowledges the unique structural challenges URiMs face during medical training and throughout their careers and believes that diversity and inclusion in medicine remain critical to improving health care.

General Fund Donations:

Education: In response to the financial shortcomings many medical students face, the Society’s Community Foundation will issue several scholarships each year.

Community: The Community Program will seek opportunities to promote civic responsibility through community charitable gifts, outreach, and volunteerism.

History: Preserving and maintaining the rich history of medicine and public health in King County through education and special programs.

Matching Gifts, Workplace Employee Giving, Honoring

PLEASE CHECK if your employer can match your gift to KCMS-CF. Your employer may have a matching gift program, whether a private company or a public organization. If your workplace does not, you can start a new campaign!

Donate in Memory or to Honor:  Donate your directed gift in memory or honor of an outstanding employee, a loved one, or a healthcare provider! What a great way to honor them. Is there a particular medical professional that your company would like to celebrate?

For more information, contact our CEO, Nancy L. Belcher, at

The KCMS Community Foundation Board of Directors

    • Danny Low, MD                                President
    • Nancy L. Belcher, Ph.D., MPA        Secretary-Treasurer