KCMS – CF Scholarship Committee

At the core of King County Medical Society is the ability to support and enrich the healthcare community in King County. As a result, the King County Medical Society’s Community Foundation (KCMS-CF) developed a Scholarship Committee to assist future generations of physicians.

This committee recognizes the extraordinary financial needs of the majority of medical students. In response to these economic challenges, the KCMS-CF is pleased to offer scholarships yearly with valuations based on available funds.

The KCMS-CF Scholarship Committee is responsible for developing strategies to raise funds and distribute scholarships to impact this community positively. The Committee considers factors, including but not limited to financial need, personal statement, academic achievement, community and public service, and involvement and interest in public health or health disparities work.

The KCMS-CF believes that diversity and inclusion in medicine remain critical to improving health care for all. The KCMS-CF is currently offering scholarships to support URiM medical students and acknowledge the historical and enduring effects of racism against Black and Indigenous people and other People of Color. KCMS-CF recognizes the unique structural challenges URiMs face during medical training and their careers.

  • Kate Grossman, MD

  • Daniel Low, MD

  • Randi Huo, MD

  • Nkeiruka Duze, MD

  • Amish Dave, MD, MPH

  • Michelle Terry, MD

  • Rajneet S. Lamba, MD

  • Mark Levy, MD

  • Mandeep Walia, MD

  • Jasmine Abraham, MD

  • Raman Palabindala, MD

  • Nancy Belcher, Ph.D., MPA