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KCMS Delegates

KCMS members who also belong to the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) are eligible to serve as representatives in the WSMA House of Delegates (HOD). The KCMS delegates represent  five voting districts, submitting and supporting resolutions proposed by the Society. As the largest voting bloc in the state association’s HOD, KCMS delegates have a strong voice in setting priorities and policies affecting organized medicine in our state.

KCMS delegates have recently presented resolutions supporting:

  • Antibiotic Use in Agriculture
  • Elimination of Vaccine Exemptions for Personal Reasons
  • Voluntary Hospital Reporting of Hepatitis B Vaccination to the State Immunization Registry
  • School Safety and Gun Violence
  • Gun Responsibility in Support of I 594
  • Antitrust Exemption for Healthcare Providers
  • Guidelines for Fair and Reasonable Non-compete Clauses for Washington Physicians
  • Promoting Transparency in Medical Education and Access to Training in Settings Affiliated with Religious Healthcare Organizations
  • Support for Inclusion of Vasectomy in the ACA Preventive Services and Contraceptive Mandate
  • Gun Safety Education,
  • Reproductive Parity, Coverage of Reproductive Healthcare
  • Hospital Mergers and Reproductive Health Care
  • Premera’s Decision to Decrease Reimbursement for Allied Health Professionals
  • Fairness in Contracting
  • Patient’s Choice of Management of End-of-Life Care

Member reflections on serving as a delegate:

We have more power, and more say as a group than any of us can believe; we just need learn how to harness and use this influence.” Patrick McClean, MD, Past President, KMCS Board of Trustees

Working with the WSMA, through participation in its HOD, is the best way to influence what the voice of medicine for Washington State will address, and what kinds of suggestions it will make as our government (and other entities) wrestle with tough problems that affect our daily work lives as physicians (not to mention affect our patients’ lives and their view of their physicians).” Sarah K. Weinberg, MD

  • KCMS members can access resolutions information and full list current KCMS delegates here.