Community Foundation Donation

The supplies for a single PPE kit (mask, gown, and cap) costs $25. If you donate $100 today, we can provide 4 medical professionals with the equipment needed to keep them safe.

PLEASE JOIN US to support our frontline healthcare workers and keep them safe.

OR donate money to purchase the equipment. $100 can get us much closer to the GOAL of: 2,500 webcams, 2,500 headsets, 1,000 laptops, and 500 iPads.

The King County Medical Society Community Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization formed in order to:

  • Unify the medical profession, and provide ways for organizations to collaborate in order to improve the health of the people in and around King County,
  • Continue the Society's enduring commitment to advance the profession of medicine and to preserve the value of the physician-patient
  • Create a lasting legacy for the King County Medical Society.
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