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When people first see the Clinic, they commonly exclaim that the scale is well beyond what they envisioned. Returning participants also still encounter aspects they didn’t previously notice. So, for anyone who has not experienced the Clinic, or even if you have, here are a few details to show why so much effort goes into volunteer recruitment.


Seattle/King County Clinic is comprised of numerous clinical and non-clinical elements:

  • 91 volunteer professions/classifications
  • 79 assignment types
  • 5,676 shifts


The Clinic needs the professions, assignments and shifts to operate:

  • 91 dental operatories; 8 services
  • 30 healthcare resource stations; 8 services
  • 111 medical rooms/stations; 20 services
  • 45 vision stations; 9 services


Non-clinical roles (a.k.a. general support) are equally important to a highly organized operation. From managing supplies and records, to registering and escorting more than 3,000 patients and their guests, volunteers help to create a welcoming and compassionate patient experience.

  • 20 assignment types that don’t require clinical experience
  • 4 large facilities (and many friendly competitions to track steps)
  • 11,000 patient records
  • Interpreters are crucial to serving patients as illustrated by patient statistics from April 2023:
    • 57% used a primary language other than English
    • 51 total primary languages
    • Top languages other than English: Amharic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Tigrinya, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

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