The supplies for a single PPE kit (mask, gown, and cap) costs $25.

 If you donate $100 today, we can provide 4 medical professionals with the equipment needed to keep them safe.


Our hospitals and medical professionals are maxing out their capacity to respond to the COVID-19 virus.

We all must do our part to help during the region’s response successful medical crisis.

One of the largest and growing needs is personal protective equipment (PPE)  necessary to help our medical professionals stay safe as they work to care for patients. We have all seen stories from the front lines of this crisis – doctors, nurses, and first responders working without the necessary gear because they just don’t have enough.

King County Medical Society Community Foundation has created Frontline PPE, a non-profit organization partnering with local garment manufacturers, and professional tailors to quickly and effectively produce needed equipment for our frontline health care workers.

KCMS has secured the manufacturing space and machines to create PPE. Now we need to continue to raise money to provide some compensation to the volunteer seamstresses and tailors that are newly unemployed from their arts organizations or retailers. We can help hospitals and patients, while also helping workers in our community.