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Why Join the KCMS?

The King County Medical Society is dedicated to providing a voice for local physicians and their patients, and advancing the health and welfare of our community. Through its delegation to the Washington State Medical Association, KCMS works to ensure that the priorities and concerns of physicians in Seattle and King County are well represented in statewide policy discussions. The KCMS also collaborates with community partners, such as Public Health — Seattle & King County, to address health issues of local importance.

The strength of the society depends on your participation. Licensed physicians in good standing who are practicing in King County are eligible for membership. Join KCMS to unite with your colleagues to amplify the voice of physicians serving the state’s largest and most diverse county.

Now more than ever our county medical societies are crucial in their role as the voice of independent physicians and practices. As more physicians become employees of large hospital organizations all of us need a place where we can express our views on the practice of medicine and be heard in our communities and our state legislatures. Our county medical societies offer opportunities to impact public health issues, foster collegiality, and participate in the political process. You can make a difference in KCMS by renewing your membership, getting your colleagues and partners to join, or by participating as a delegate or Trustee from your district.

Elisabeth Evans, MD, Past President

Why a Medical Society?

For more than 125 years, the King County Medical Society has supported local physicians in the practice of medicine and in uniting our community around public health concerns. The KCMS advocates the health and welfare of our community, and the rights and freedom of physicians and their patients in health care practice.

  • The society represents you and your colleagues in public health and welfare programs;
  • We nurture a more favorable public attitude toward the profession by helping people to understand and appreciate medicine’s contribution to the public welfare;
  • We guide the development of medical practice;
  • We protect the public against exploitation;
  • We help the profession to meet its collective responsibilities to the public in resolving health care delivery problems;
  • We help you to thrive as a responsible professional in an increasingly interdependent and socialized society; and
  • We promote and advance the art, skill, knowledge, and interest in the field of medicine to improve everyone’s standard of living as well as their health.

Your participation is critical in providing a collective voice to help ensure best practices in the future of medicine. You and your fellow physicians are the Medical Society, and it operates for your benefit and that of the public.