Members in the Media

Dr. Michelle Terry – AAP Voices Blog: “Mentorship Part and Parcel With Career Advancement.”

KCMS President Dr. Michelle Terry was recently interviewed in a series about “Inspirational Black Men and Women in Medicine.” Dr. Terry shares “5 Things You Need To Create A Successful Career In Medicine” and discusses various other topics.

Dr. Ellen Passloff – The Current View: A Pediatric Physician’s Window

KCMS Board Member Dr. Ellen Passloff joined this podcast to speak about how pediatric medicine is evolving, the variety of issues arising now post-pandemic, and new concerns that keep coming up.

Nancy Belcher – Regional pediatric disaster network guides statewide telehealth initiation during COVID-19 pandemic

King County Medical Society’s CEO, Nancy Belcher, is a co-author of a new article in The American Journal of Disaster Medicine.

Dr. Michelle Terry – I Knew a Victim of the Tulsa Shooting

Dr. Michelle Terry speaks on gun violence after the Tulsa hospital shooting.

Dr. Nwando Anyaoku Speaks on State’s Re-Opening of K-12 Schools

Dr Nwando Anyaoku speaks on the state’s response to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, including the reopening of K-12 schools.

Doctors Discuss Vaccination FAQ’s

Board member and Public Health Chair, Dr. Amish Dave, VM Institute, WSMA, Washington APC and Indian-American Community Services discuses Covid-19 Vaccination FAQ’s

Dr. Teresa Girolami discussing Covid-19

Listen to former King County Medical Society President, Dr. Teresa Girolami, discuss Covid-19 on KOMO News radio.

Dr Rajneet S. Lamba discusses Racism in Medicine CME

Dr Rajneet S. Lamba discusses upcoming Racism in Medicine CME and new KCMS platform that allows physicians to engage in conversations about racial disparities in healthcare

Doctor and Seahawks Player Discuss Myths About Flu Shots

Dr. Amish J. Dave and Seahawk’s Tyler Lockett Discuss Myths and Facts About Flu Shots

To Get People to Wear Masks, Look to Seatbelts, Helmets and Condoms

“What we need to do for masks is make it enough of a norm so people not wearing it stand out rather than the reverse” Fred Rivara, MD, MPH talks with the New York Times about convincing people to wear masks.

Doctor Helps To Make Tough Medical Decisions

Dr. Elisabeth Poorman, who is the chair of the newly formed Physician Wellness committee, was a guest on NPR. She helped answer questions about seeking medical care in the pandemic.

Washington’s system for tracking vaccinations isn’t ready for COVID-19, doctors say

Will James with KNKX (a public radio station and member of National Public Radio) interviewed KCMS physicians about WA state’s adult vaccination. Described as “incomplete” and “inaccurate,” the lack of a comprehensive database is leading some to worry that the current system may complicate efforts to eventually vaccinate for COVID-19.

Stop state budget cuts during coronavirus pandemic and focus on tax reform

Dr. Mark Vossler’s Seattle Times op-ed re the pandemic and the upcoming special legislative session.

With family visits on hold, Washington hospitals strain to comfort sickest patients

“Lamba and other health care providers are struggling with one of the hardest consequences of the coronavirus pandemic: a ban on most hospital visitors, just when patients most need the support.

Why coronavirus care must account for race

Crosscut article from KCMS Board of Trustees member, Dr. Daniel Low, and Dr. Tiffany Wang on how guidelines for coronavirus care may either exacerbate health disparities or increase health equity.

Covid-19: The PNW Experience

KCMS President and EvergreenHealth Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Dr. Rajneet Lamba, discusses early clinical experiences with COVID-19. KCMS Member, SHM Chapter President and Associate Regional Medical Director of the Franciscan Inpatient Team, Dr. Therese Franco hosts.

On the Front Lines of a Pandemic, ‘I Love You’ Can Mean ‘Goodbye’

KCMS Member and EvergreenHealth Hospitalist Dr. James Kuo shares the emotional experience of a physician and his family living and working through the first COVID-19 outbreak in the nation.

As A Doctor, Some Words Of Advice About Self-Quarantine

Advice from KCMS member, Dr. Thomas Green, on self-quarantine and social responsibility during this difficult time.

A Rare Look Inside the Hospital Where 15 Coronavirus Patients Have Died

Interview with Dr. Francis Riedo, Dr. Jeff Tomlin and Dr. Ettore Palazzo

Large gatherings banned in San Francisco and Seattle area to slow the coronavirus outbreak

Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer for Public Health — Seattle & King County, is quoted in CNBC at a press conference with Governor Inslee (below), “The number of cases doubles every several days and we’ve had multiple instances of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities where vulnerable persons reside. We expect a large-scale outbreak in weeks and this will be a very difficult time”.

Expanded coronavirus testing may overwhelm lab capacity, say some experts

Member physician Dr. Susan J. Baumgaertel was interviewed for the Washington Post at the very beginning of the outbreak.

Opinion: Fair and open negotiationprocess is needed prevent surprisemedical bills

Former KCMS Executive Director, Kristina Larson, had an Op-Ed published in the Puget Sound Business Journal and has asked that it be shared with the membership. The Op-Ed is on the topic of surprise billing.

Treat the severely mentally ill humanely and society benefits

Dr. Don Ross, Chair of the Mental Health Committee, shares some of his views on the state of mental health through the lens of a psychiatrist. Read his recent Op-Ed to the Seattle Times.

COVID-19: Practical Advice and Support from Internists on the Front Lines

Co-hosted by KCMS Member and Physician-Wellness Committee Chair, Dr. Elisabeth Poorman, this webinar provides lessons learned and best practices from both the inpatient and outpatient front lines of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

50 Changemakers of Public Health

Dr. Fred Rivara honored as “50 Changemakers of Public Health”