PNW Transplant Society

Purpose & Benefits


The Pacific Northwest Transplant Society is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to representing physicians, medical professionals, patient advocates and their patients in the PNW by promoting best practices in transplant medicine and raising public awareness of issues critical to advancing the field.

Membership can provide you with:

  • Regional collegial meetings
  • Patient care discussions & special programs
  • Legislative advocacy & monitoring
  • Academic research collaborations
  • Professional networking
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Career advancement leads
  • Website development to share information
  • CME’s & membership meetings
  • Sharing resources and advice in patient care
  • Membership directory
  • Newsletters, emails and social media accounts keep members informed of timely developments
  • Referral Service through King County Medical Society
  • Volunteer to be a board member or on a committee

Including WA, OR, CA, AK & HI

Membership Requirements:

  • Active members shall include medical professionals who are specialists & actively engaged in the science or clinical practice of transplant medicine; or actively engaged in a field scientifically related to transplantation
  • Medical professionals in training
  • Non-physicians, including nurses, MA’s, PA’s, coordinators, statisticians, and policy makers but they must have professional experience in the field of transplantation
  • Patient advocates which can include patients, or family/friends

Price of Membership*

Individual: $125 per year
Institution: $1,000 per year for a group of 5 or more

*Significantly reduced costs for students, those in training and need based membership considerations.