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Welcome Students and Physicians!

The King County Medical Society (KCMS) Student Shadowing Program was created to help connect students with opportunities to observe the medical field in a clinical setting. The shadowing experience is intended to help students decide whether medicine is truly something they wish to pursue by watching a physician’s daily activities in an effort to learn and see the environment of a physician in practice. This experience will provide students a “real-life” view of the medical field.

A growing trend for medical school admissions is an emphasis on physician shadowing experience. The KCMS Shadowing Program is dedicated to aiding students in meeting that recommendation by providing an online database of member physicians located in Seattle/King County who are available to provide shadowing opportunities to pre-medical students.

INFOGRAPHIC - Shadowing Process

For Students

Please read the following information regarding shadowing expectations and requirements.

Once you have read the information listed above and meet the requirements, we encourage you to submit your full application.

Apply Here

For help with Adobe forms, please click HERE.

For Advisors

We require students to be enrolled at an accredited college or university to be eligible to participate. Furthermore, applicants must be in ‘junior’ standing (or the third year of one’s degree program). By meeting with your students, you are able to ascertain their eligibility for the KCMS Student Shadowing Program by writing a Letter of Recommendation on their behalf.

For your convenience, here is a template: Letter of Recommendation (.docx format).

For Physicians

We strongly encourage active KCMS member physicians to participate in this program to provide shadowing opportunities to local pre-medical students. More information about shadowing.

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Your information can be removed from the shadowing program database upon request.