Shadowing – For Students

Choosing to go to medical school is a big decision… and the requirements may feel overwhelming. There is one requirement that we may be able to help you with, Student Shadowing. Many medical schools require a significant amount of physician shadowing hours in order to have a competitive medical school application.

By being a part of the King County Medical Society’s Student Shadowing Program, you will have access to physicians in King County from various specialties who are willing to accept pre-medical students for shadowing experiences.

Why Shadow?

  • Explore areas of medicine that match your interests.
  • Discover what a career in medicine really involves.
  • Form connections with physicians within the King County area.
  • Fine tune your aspirations and increase your motivation to become a physician.

Why Join King County Medical Society’s Student Shadowing Program?

Our goal in creating this observational shadowing program is to help students discover whether or not a future in medicine is right for them. We want current pre-medical students to be connected with current physicans in King County to encourage community cohesion of students and practicing physicians.

How Shadowing Transforms Your Perspective:

We believe that applying to and eventually being accepted into medical school is one of the greatest decisions a student makes. The opportunity cost involved in the completion of a medical license is not to be taken lightly, and it is crucial for them to ‘test drive’ this career to thoroughly understand their likes and dislikes in order to see if medicine is something they can fully commit to.

Steps to Become A Part of our Student Shadowing Program:
1. Access our Program Requirement Forms and determine if you meet the expectations
2. Fill out and submit an Application
3. Read our Confidentiality Agreement
4. Email completed applications to: due to Covid-19, we are not currently accepting applications.
5. Become a Medical-Observer!