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The King County Medical Society (KCMS), founded in 1888, is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to representing Seattle and King County physicians and their patients by promoting best practices in medicine and raising public awareness of issues critical to quality patient care and public health.



‘Pokémon Go’ finds a place at Harborview

The UW Medicine Burn Center has started using the popular app Pokémon Go in their patients’ physical therapy, The Seattle Times reports. The augmented-reality game, in which players can catch, train or battle Pokémon characters on their smartphones, encourages patients to be mobile, and keeps their minds off the pain.

‘Microhospitals’ serving some ER needs

Some health care systems are opening tiny, full-service hospitals with emergency services in fast-growing markets where demand for health care services is outstripping supply, Kaiser Health News reports. Small hospitals with broad outpatient services could also benefit those who live far from urban areas.

How the government fuels the obesity epidemic

Junk foods are the biggest source of calories in the American diet, which is no surprise. But those foods are cheap because of the U.S. government’s agricultural subsidies, which between 1995 and 2010, totaled $170 billion, The New York Times reports.

How to help protect children from gun violence

Viewing guns as a public health issue creates opportunities for pediatricians to weigh in. “The public health approach means talking to parents about how to keep their children safe, and looking for strategies — technological, behavioral, and legal — to make everyone safer,” a physician writes in The New York Times.

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