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Why become a member of King County Medical Society?

Members receive our monthly electronic newsletter which focuses on timely topics, and member updates. Our Director of Communications and Marketing, Josh Kerns is always looking for a great story. Don’t hesitate to contact him with your ideas!
The King County Medical Society represents the interests of local physicians in many ways. Below is a list of the many ways that the Society increases the reach of its members’ voices.

a. Advocacy – King County Medical Society members who also belong to the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) are eligible to serve as representatives in the WSMA House of Delegates. Delegates act to represent their district’s interests by submitting and supporting resolutions proposed by Society members. As the largest voting bloc in the State Association’s HOD, nearing 50 representatives, King County Medical Society delegates have a powerful voice in setting legislative priorities and policies affecting organized medicine across Washington State.

b. Media/Public Relations – the Society serves as a contact for the media for both proactive and reactive engagements and develops ongoing relationships with relevant media outlets to create new coverage opportunities and position Society members as subject matter experts and top of mind point of contact for medical related coverage.

c. Website Exposure – The Society is creating new content for its website including regular blog posts, podcast, social media integration, with regular updating of content.

d. Social Media – By regularly publishing content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram showcasing Society information the Society is pushing forward the messages that are relevant to members, media industry information outlets, and staff.

e. Podcast production – Members are welcome to become a part of a King County Medical Society produced weekly podcasts showcasing Society initiatives, medical issues, and members. Presented via website and social media.

f. Editorial Opportunities – Members are invited to provide written content for the monthly newsletter, blog posts, op eds.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the King County Medical Society’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Nancy Belcher at nbelcher@kcmsociety.org.

i. CME Courses -Providing high quality CME opportunities for members.

The King County Medical Society actively working to receive its accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the national organization that develops standards for quality continuing medical education. Until then, the Society is offering CME courses in partnership with other organizations to provide its members with unique and inclusive medical education events.
These CME Seminars provides members with CME credit close to home. We recruit regional and national speakers for these activities. As a member, you receive huge discounts on your registration.
Do you have a great idea for a CME? Let us know! We are looking to revolutionize the CME offerings. Please contact our Program Manager, Czarina Manzano at cmanzano@kcmsociety.org

ii. Community Awareness/Town Hall events

At King County Medical Society Town Hall events, members and community stakeholders (including elected officials) will be given the opportunity to access and share credible science-backed information, that can help our community of citizens to live healthy and productive lives. By providing members, and community groups, with a forum to interact with skilled clinicians, top scientists, elected officials, researchers, and thought leaders from around the world to share their research findings directly with you. Our goal is to elevate the conversation on current health topics by providing information that is accurate, credible, proven and trusted.

The King County Medical Society Community Foundation recognizes the extraordinary financial needs of medical students. In response to the financial shortcomings faced by a majority of medical students, the Society’s Community Foundation is working to offer a number of scholarships each year to local medical students. Please click here to view more information about scholarship giving and granting opportunities.

The King County Medical Society strives to give its members the best possible opportunities to influence their community and make meaningful contributions towards realizing the goals and objectives of the Society. We believe that being a member of a Society committee is one of the best ways for doctors, medical students and clinic managers to work together, form connections, and effect change.
Our members have shared that participation in these committees has provided them with the opportunity to network, learn about and address issues of concern to members, and make contributions toward the broader goals of the Society.
The King County Medical Society has four standing committees:

1) The Events and Continuing Medical Education Committee,
2) the Medical Student Committee,
3) the Community Relations Committee,
4) the Public and Mental Health Committee,
5) the Clinic Manager Committee, and
6) the Historical Committee.
Please click HERE for more detailed information on Committees.

Our widely used member directory contains information on every member of the King County Medical Society. Member profiles contain useful referral information like contact info and practice location. The Roster is electronically available to the over 12,500 physicians in King County. This number includes non-member physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other health-related organizations in King and surrounding counties.

With so many changes in healthcare, there is a lot of physician movement. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of where and when colleagues (or your favorite referral doctor) has moved. We are initiating a new service to members, a ‘doctors on the move’ opportunity. If you are moving or closing your practice, please let us know and we will publish your updated information monthly in our newsletter. These newsletters will be archived for continued cross-reference.

If you are moving to another practice, information that you can provide includes:
• PRACTICE NAME and all the details regarding our new location, including address, phone number and office hours
If you are retiring, please provide:
• DATE of move

The King County Medical Society has made physician voluntary work, both in Washington and overseas, a new focus. With your help, we will be assembling a list of volunteer opportunities. Please share the Volunteer Opportunities by contacting us by phone at 206.621.9396, info@kcmsociety.org or fill out this form (link) with any additional information.

We remain a neutral forum where physicians, medical students, and clinic managers from all practice settings can gather together with other medical professionals for business and social purposes.
King County Medical Society staff assists members with scheduling meeting rooms and support services for events conducted at the King County Medical Society owned building at 200 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122. Please contact us at: info@kcmsociety.org

Prospective Members

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