King County Medical Society Delegate Council

King County Medical Society pursues legislative efforts with the help of its dedicated lobbyist, James Paribello. Topics may be unique to our King County region, but often the initiatives have statewide and federal impacts. We actively communicate with elected officials at the local, state and federal levels.

The goal of the KCMS Delegate Council is to ensure that the unique voices of King County physicians are heard by elected officials.

King County Medical Society has recently advocated for:

  • Telemedicine Parity (achieved!)
  • Healthcare Worker Vaccine Database completion
  • Hazard pay for the frontline healthcare workers during Covid-19
  • Increasing PPE access/availability
  • Firearm Injury Prevention
  • Lead Testing in Schools
  • Access to Reproductive Care
  • And much more…

From the feedback we have received from current and former delegates, we know that this opportunity will be both personally and professionally rewarding. We strongly encourage you to consider participating as a member of the King County Medical Society Delegate Council.

There are many ways to be an active delegate, you can:

  • Identify a resolution/initiatives that you’d like to promote.
  • Attend delegate meetings and help craft presented resolutions/initiatives.
  • Phone, email, meet with, or write to elected officials about our policies/suggestions.
  • Engage in advocacy efforts such as op-ed writing, interviews, podcasts, etc.
  • Attend meetings with legislators or the WSMA Annual Meeting.
  • Encourage your friends and colleagues in medicine to join the Society. With increased numbers, comes increased impact.

Additionally, KCMS Delegates, who are also members of the WSMA, are eligible to serve as representatives in the WSMA House of Delegates (HOD). KCMS Delegates represent King County’s five voting districts and advocate for the interests of their districts by submitting, helping craft, and supporting resolutions. As the largest voting bloc in the WSMA HOD, with 54 representatives, the Society’s delegates have a powerful voice in setting legislative priorities and policies affecting organized medicine across WA state.

If you are interested in becoming a KCMS delegate, please reach out to Connor Hinton at

Delegate Lists

Freddy Chen, MD
Amish Dave, MD
Mariko Kita, MD
Christine Logar, MD
David Hanscom, MD
Merritt Kevin Auld, MD
Susan Baumgaertel, MD
Richard Bensinger – MD
Bruce Smith, MD
Bernice Hecker, MD
Ravi Menon, MD
Vincent Picozzi, MD
Greg Engel, MD

Teresa Girolami, MD
Kevin Johnson, MD
Samir Master, MD
Richard Kaner, MD
Thomas Knipe, MD
Hal Cooper Quinn, MD
Khurram Rehman, MD
Mark Vossler, MD
Daniel Brzusek, DO
Anh Truong, MD
Mark Levy, MD
Frank Riedo, MD
Peter McGough, MD
Sue Romanick, MD
Lola Oluyitan, MD
Susan Rutherford, MD
Mark Anderson, MD

Donald Ross, MD
Ellen Thomason Derrick, MD
Michelle Terry, DO
Ray Hsiao, MD
Ron Dobson, MD
Jody Weinstein (Bockrath), MD
Chris Belcher, MD
Elisabeth Poorman, MD

Mark Flanery, MD
Rajneet S. Lamba, MD
Michael Franceschina, DO
Catherine Ann Hunter, DO
Alison Webb, MD
Rajesh Subramanian, MD
Michael Hori, MD

Daniel Gottlieb, MD
Jeffrey Frankel, MD
David C. Green, MD
Garrett Alcorn, MD
Mary Ellen Walker, MD

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