How to Get Involved

Become a Member of the Delegate Council

All KCMS members are welcome to serve on our Delegate Council.

The KCMS Delegate Council pursues legislative efforts with the help of our dedicated lobbyist, James Paribello. These efforts may be unique to our King County Region, but often the initiatives have potential statewide and federal impacts.

Our Delegates advocate for policy change and identify and craft resolutions/bills to improve the practice of medicine and health care for all.

Additionally, KCMS Delegates who are also members of the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) are eligible to serve as representatives in the WSMA House of Delegates (HOD). Our WSMA Delegates represent five voting districts (central, east, north, southeast, and southwest). As the largest voting bloc in the WSMA HOD, our Delegates have a powerful voice in setting legislative priorities and policies affecting organized medicine across WA state.

If you are interested in becoming a Delegate, please contact Program Manager Connor Hinton at

Serve on a Committee

We invite King County Medical Society members to serve on any of our five (5) active committees. Our committees provide members with the opportunity to work collaboratively with colleagues and medical professionals across King County to improve healthcare, shape policy, and effect change in their community.

King County Medical Society Committees:

  1. Public Health Committee Examines existing public health programs, develops new programs with community groups to address special issues of concern.
  2. King County Medical Society Community Foundation’s Scholarship Committee More information available on the Community Foundation page.
  3. Physician Wellness Committee The committee supports the well-being of physicians and patients.
  4. Events and Continuing Medical Education Committee (CME)  Plans, develops, and provides oversight for the CME Events offered by the Society. The committee coordinates meetings for Society member groups.
  5. Mental Health Committee Reviews programs and determines how the Society can participate and get involved.
  6. Historical Committee Hosts a monthly “Speaker Series” to recognize and honor the long history of KCMS and the advances in medical practice.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact Program Manager Connor Hinton,

PHSKC Childhood Lead Poisoning Work

In partnership with Public Health – Seattle & King County, KCMS has worked hard to advocate for increased awareness and prevention of childhood lead poisoning here in our state. From:

  • Our members drafting resolutions, testifying before legislative committees,
  • Providing free lead screening events,
  • Creating quality improvement modules for clinics with the American Pediatric Association,
  • Running a healthcare community stakeholder group,
  • Organizing a Health & Housing Lead Poisoning Conference,  and
  • Pb Poisoning CME,

KCMS has worked tirelessly to support this public health initiative. We are proud to take part in this work and we encourage you to get involved! For more information, please contact Sr. Program Manager Salem Adisu at