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Colorectal cancer screening should start at 45

The American Cancer Society, citing a rise in colorectal cancer rates among younger people, now recommends that everyone undergo screening beginning at age 45 rather than 50, The Washington Post reports. Since 1994, there has been a 51 percent increase in the rate of colorectal cancer among those younger than 50.

Firearms can be even deadlier among the elderly

Among men, those over age 65 are the likeliest to take their lives, with three-quarters of them using a gun, The New York Times reports. While health care providers typically ask older patients about driving and wandering, they may not ask about guns, even though a third of Americans over age 65 own one.

Chronic diseases strain health care system and economy

Changes in diet and lifestyle could forestall many of the chronic diseases that drive up the cost of health care, STAT reports. In 2016, chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s totaled $1.1 trillion in health care costs.

3 strategies to cut down on after-hours work

A Minnesota health system examined how physicians could cut the time they spend on after-hours administrative work. AMA Wire reports that HealthPartners came up with three strategies that saved doctors more than 30 minutes a day: Define a standard set of workflows and create stable teams, improve documentation for consistency and clarity, and efficiently manage in-baskets.

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