Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Direct Investments Impact
We are currently focusing all of our efforts on our frontline healthcare providers and ensuring they are safe and taken care of.  By giving to the King County Medical Society Community Foundation your direct investments will provide an immediate and tangible impact on the ability of the Society to provide for the safety of our frontline healthcare workers, empower working physicians, and improve the health of our community.

We have the opportunity to make a difference today by providing PPE & Telehealth Equipment throughout the region.

We have two large initiatives that we need Corporate Assistand on:

I. King County Medical Society Community Foundation has created Frontline PPE, a non-profit organization partnering with local garment manufacturers, and professional tailors and sewers, to quickly and effectively produce needed equipment for our frontline health care workers.

KCMS has secured the manufacturing space and machines. Now we need to raise enough money for supplies, and to provide some compensation to the volunteer seamstresses and tailors that are newly unemployed from their arts organizations or retailers. We can help hospitals and patients, while also helping workers in our community.

II. Donate Webcams, Laptops, and/or Headphones to help frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID19.

The Goal: 2,500 webcams, 2,500 headsets, 1,000 laptops, and 500 iPads.

Easy donation option – buy straight from Amazon!  Visit our @amazon wishlist:

The Problem:
• As a result of COVID-19, many local clinics have closed.
• Non-COVID-19 patients need ongoing care but can have trouble accessing healthcare providers.
• Area healthcare systems NEED telehealth equipment.
• One of the biggest GAPS in enabling a broad roll-out of teleconferencing is the low number of webcams, headsets, and laptops.
• During the COVID-19 pandemic, any delays in telehealth can/ will cost lives. Let’s prevent delays TODAY!

The Solution:
• King County Medical Society (KCMS), is a neutral, healthcare nonprofit with a 132-year history of representing area physicians.
• KCMS has a fundraising program to procure or buy this equipment.
• Introduce us to suppliers and vendors to procure the equipment.


Matching Gifts, Workplace and Employee Giving
Many employees are unaware of matching gift and employee giving opportunities available at their workplace. Whether you work for a private company or a public organization, you can take advantage of the ease and convenience of payroll deduction to make your gift. If your workplace does not participate in a campaign that benefits the Society, you can start a new campaign, or include the Society in an existing campaign.

These workplace giving options help to raise money for the PPE supply effort that KCMS has begun . With a corporate matching gift program, your company can empower its employees and coworkers to provide the safety protection our healthcare providers need during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Click to Read About Our Current PPE & Telehealth Efforts

Matching Gifts
Your employer may match your gift to King County Medical Society’s Community Foundation when you make your donation. Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. For more information, contact our CEO, Nancy L. Belcher at

Donate in Memory
Donate your directed gift in memory or honor of an outstanding employee, a loved one, or special occasion!
Was there a special medical professional that your company would like to honor? What a great way to provide a lasting memorial to their commitment to health care.

Trustee Circle
Corporate members are encouraged to join our Trustee Circle — a distinguished group of individual and corporate members who are committed to supporting the KCMS Community Foundation with gifts of $10,000 or more each year.


Continuing Medical Education Event Sponsorship
Continuing Medical Education (CME) Events offer our corporate partners the opportunity to reach a target audience of physicians, medical students, and clinic directors. Your company will receive increased visibility and recognition through CME programs, signage, and other materials while enabling doctors to receive their required CME training.

Event sponsorship opportunities — and benefit packages — are available at a variety of gift levels.

Exclusive Event Sponsorship Opportunities
I. VIP Sponsor – $15,000
Specific benefit negotiable per specific CME or event type.
Entitlement – VIP Reception would be named “VIP Reception presented by (company name)”
II. Signature Sponsor – $8,000
Specific benefit negotiable per specific CME or event type.
Your logo alongside others.

Types of benefits for your company:

  • CME, Member, or Public Events could be described as “Presented by (your company name)” in all instances and on event marketing materials.
  • Logo and name recognition on the promotional poster.
  • Logo and name recognition on the brochure.
  • Logo and link on the Society website.
  • Logo and name recognition on donor correspondence.
  • Name recognition in press releases for the event.
  • Logo recognition on video screen during the event.
  • Verbal recognition as a sponsor during the program.
  • Logo and name recognition on Society building during the event.
  • At select levels your company would be eligible for enrollment in the Society’s President’s Circle.

Please contact the Society’s CEO, Nancy L. Belcher at with any inquires regarding Corporate Sponsorship.