Dr. Amish J. Dave and Nancy Belcher share information about health disparities, public health needs, and motivations for working with the KCMS.

Dr. Elisabeth Poorman was a guest on NPR and answered questions about seeking medical care in the pandemic.

WA state’s database of adult vaccinations is “incomplete.” Read about how KCMS worked to improve your healthcare; reported by NPR.

On the Gee and Ursula Show: Dr. Mark Barnhart, with ProLiance Surgeons on elective surgeries opening back up.

CEO on Kiro Radio 97.3

CLICK HERE to listen to CEO, Nancy L. Belcher, Ph.D., MPA, on KIRO RADIO 97.3 discussing what KCMS is doing to support our healthcare workers.

Members in the Media

King County Press Conference

KCMS Members Dr. Jeff Duchin (PHSKC) and Dr. Francis Riedo (Infectious Disease Society of WA President) addressed COVID-19 in our community.

New York Times Story

The New York Times reporter interviewed medical society members Dr. Francis Riedo, Dr. Jeff Tomlin, and Dr. Ettore Palazzo.

Dr. Jeff Duchin’s Latest COVID-19 News

Dr. Duchin, Health Officer for Public Health — Seattle & King County, is quoted in CNBC at a press conference with Governor Inslee.

Dr. Susan Baumgaertel in the WA Post

Member physician Dr. Baumgaertel interviewed for the Washington Post at the very beginning of the outbreak.

Dr. Teresa Girolami & Dr. Richard Kaner – Facts Not Fear KING5

Solo practitioner and former KCMS Board President, Dr. Girolami, and KCMS Member Dr.  Kaner on KING5 News television.

Dr. Rajneet Lamba & Dr. Therese Franco- SHM Webinar: COVID-19: The PNW Experience

Former KCMS President, Dr. Lamba, and KCMS Member, SHM Chapter President, and Associate Regional Medical Director of the Franciscan Inpatient Team, Dr. Franco discuss early clinical experiences with COVID-19.

Dr. Elisabeth Poorman- ACP Webinar: COVID-19: Practical Advice and Support from Internists on the Front Lines

KCMS Member, Dr. Poorman discusses lessons learned and best practices from the front lines of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Dr. James Kuo in the New York Times

KCMS Member and EvergreenHealth Hospitalist Dr. Kuo shared the emotional experience of a physician during the first COVID-19 outbreak in the nation.

Dr. Thomas Green’s Advice on Self-Quarantine

Advice from KCMS member, Dr. Green, on self-quarantine and social responsibility during the pandemic.

Dr. Daniel Low and Dr. Tiffany Wang: Why Coronavirus Care Must Account for Race

Crosscut article from KCMS VP, Dr. Low, and Dr. Wang on how guidelines for coronavirus care can exacerbate health disparities or increase health equity.

Blood Donations Needed

Help ensure that blood is available for those who need it. Donating blood is an essential activity and potential blood donors are exempt from the stay-at-home order. Schedule your appointment at schedule.bloodworksnw.org or email schedule@bloodworksnw.org.

Appeal for Blood in Washington State from Ellen Derrick MD, MPH, FACS, FSVS